Plant Breeding and Genetics Division

1. Plant Breeding of following crops (in order of priority) for high yield, disease resistance, stress tolerance:

i. Wheat

ii. Rice (coarse varieties only)

iii. Cotton,

iv. Sugarcane

PBG Div. must work out economics and practical feasibility of tissue-cultured sugarcane and banana seedlings, in collaboration with private sector, to promote the technology. PBG Div. in collaboration with sugar mills and farmers, must evaluate performance of the NIA-developed sugarcane varieties. Mungbean, lentil and brassica work at NIA may be restricted to selection of varieties developed elsewhere. A database of molecular markers of the available germplasm at NIA may be developed. In collaboration with cotton breeders of NIA and NIBGE, PBG Div. may do a comprehensive survey of Bt cotton in Sindh province. Names of all new crop varieties must include ‘NIA’. e.g. NIA-08 etc

Plant Protection Division

1. Management of insect pests, in order of priority:

i) Sugarcane borers

ii) Fruitfly in Mango and Guava

iii) Cotton insect pests, Borers, mealybug

iv) Rice stem borer

2. Post-harvest losses in Cereal Grains & pulses

3. Plant Pathology of NIA’s mandate crops

NIA-developed Bio-control cards and traps must be commercialized by involving private sector as an income generating activity. Plant Protection Div., may also develop a PSDP project/PC-1 on “Fruit fly bio-control in mango & guava”, with emphasis on social mobilization (involving local govts. Extension Service, etc) to popularize bio-control of pests.

Plant Physiology Division

1. Wheat and Rice crop germplasm screening for salt & drought tolerance

2. Study of stress tolerance physiological mechanism and trait based evaluation of tolerant wheat and rice genotypes

3. Fruit-retention in Mango by phytohormone application

Soil Science Division

1. Micronutrient nutrition of crops

2. Integrated plant nutrient management.

3. Fertigation: Field-level adaptability

4. Utilization of salt-affected soils

5. Nutritional requirements of crop varieties evolved at NIA