Highest Qualification


Present position

Deputy Chief Scientist/Head Plant Breeding and Genetics Division

HEC Recognition

HEC Approved Ph. D. Supervisor in the field of Biology

Research & Development

Established molecular biotechnology lab at NIA in 2003

Varieties Released

06 (Main Breeder: 04, Co-Breeder: 02)


93 (Impact Factor Journal 49,  Non Impact Factor Journal 44)

Impact Factor

Publications IF: 50.995

Impact Points of varieties as per PCST criterion

10 x 6 = 60

Total Impact factor


Books  (02)

1) Sugarcane Biofuels Status, Potential, and Prospects of the Sweet Crop to Fuel the World. 2019. publisher Springer Nature Switzerland 2) “Non conventional methods for sugarcane improvement”, 2013.  lambert Academic Publishing. Germany

Book Chapters


Research Projects

05 (PI: 02; Co-PI: 01, Team Member: 02)

Citation index / h- index / i10 index

1720 /24 / 55

Workshops and Conferences

20 (Organizer: 05, Participant: 15)

Conference Proceedings

Popular articles/ Pamphlets




03 Journals

Students Supervised

31 (Ph.D.: 06, MS: 25)

Visiting Scientist

One year training on “Use of modern plant breeding methodologies for crop improvement” under IAEA at University of Katowice, Poland. Feb. 1992 to Feb. 1993.

Six month training on “molecular techniques (RAPD and SSR)” under IAEA technical cooperation programme at CIRAD, France from Jan 15, 2006 to July 14, 2006.

Research Productivity Award by PCST


Coordination with other Institutes

(National / International)

Sugar Industry of Sindh (Five Sugar Mills)

Sugarcane Research and Development Board, (SRDB) Punjab

Dr. A. Wijesuriya, Sugarcane Research Institute, Uda Walawe, Sri Lanka

Dr. Qing Cai, Sugarcane Research Institute, Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Science, China

Awards (Gold Medals)

01 by PAEC,

02 by PSST(Pakistan Society of sugar Technologist 2013 and 2018)

Administrative services Assigned by Competent Authority of NIA

Acting Head of Agr. Biotach. Div. 11-12-06 to 19-01-07

Liaison Officer for BIMS (2014- to date)

Hostel Warden of NIA (2016 – to date)

Convener Dependency Committee (2012-2017)

Convener Transport Committee (2014-2017)

Convener Masjid Committee of NIA (2014-2019)

Convener Tender Evaluation Committee (2014-2017)

Convener Sports & Cultural Committee (2014-2017)

Member House Rent Subsidy Vigilance Committee (2009-17)