Integrated Management of Sugarcane Borers (Coordinated
project with Sugar Industries since 1989 - continue)

Development of Biological Control for Cotton Pest Management
Using Nuclear Techniques (IAEA TCP No. PAK/5/043 from
January 2005 - 2009).

Use of Gamma Irradiation for Quality Production of Beneficial
Insects and Their Integration with Eco-friendly Tactics to
Manage the
Cotton Pests (IAEA Coordinated Project
No. PAK-13434 from Sept. 2005 to 2010).

Exploitation of Nuclear Techniques for the Development of
Biological Control to Manage the Fruit Flies, Bactrocera spp.
(IAEA Coordinated Project No. PAK-13913 from Oct.
2006 to 2009).

Augmentation of Parasitoids for Area-wide Management of
Sugarcane Borers Using Nuclear Techniques (IAEA Coordinated Project No. PAK-13940 from Oct. 2006 to 2010).

Sharing Regional Knowledge on the Use of the Sterile Insect Technique within Integrated Area-Wide Fruit Fly Pest
Management Programme (IAEA RAS/5/052
from 2009 to 2011).