Induced mutations
Gamma rays
Bio-technology and Molecular marker techniques
High yield
Early maturity
Reduced height
Disease resistance
Wide adaptability
Better quality
Resistance/ tolerance to abiotic stresses
Reduced irrigations
High temperature
Zinc efficient lines
LAEA/RCA project (RAS/05/45) on "Improment of crop quality
and stress tolerance for sustainable crop production using mutation
techniques and biotecnology (2007-2011).

Development of new bread wheat varieties/ genetic stock resistant to
new stem rust race Ug 99 (kiran virulence)(2010-2012).

Use of induced somatic mutation and biotechnological techniques for genetic improvement
of surgarcane (2007-2010)PSF.

Evolution of wheat varieties for low water requirments using conventional and mutation breeding techniques(2004-2007)ALP-PARC
-> Improvement in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) for yield and yield components.

-> IAEA project INT5150 "Responding to the transboundary threat of wheat black stem rust (Ug-99)" (2009-2013)

-> USAID-CIMMYT-NIA Whaet Productivity Enhancement (WPE-P)(2011-2014)

-> Breeding for semi-dwarfism and high grain yield in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.).

-> IAEA/RCA project (RAS/5/056) on "supporting mutation breeding
approaches to develp new crop varieties adaptable to climate change(2012-2013).

-> Breeding for low water requirement in bread wheat based on morphological and anatomical traits through hybridization and induced mutations.

-> Transfer of disease resistance in bread wheat

-> Evolution of better rice varieties through mutation breeding and hybridization .

-> Genetic improvement in cotton through induced mutations and hybridization techniques

-> Development of sugarcane varieties through induced mutations and biotechnological techniques.

-> Molecular marker studies in crop plants.

-> Genetic improvement of mungbean through induced mutations and hybridization,

-> Genetic improvement of lentil through induced mutations and hybridization

-> Evolution of brassica varieties through induced mutations

-> Exploitation of biotechnological techniques for the genetic improvement and mass production of banana